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Cotton Higher to Close Monday
BRUG - Mon Jul 22, 5:41PM CDT

Cotton futures settled firm to 39 points higher in most front months on Monday. The weekly Crop Progress report from NASS showed the 2019 US cotton crop at 78% squared (80% avg), as 33% was reported as setting bolls (37% avg). Cotton conditions improved another 4% to 60% gd/ex, with the Brugler500 shifting 11 points higher to 358. The 7-day QPF shows very little moisture for most of TX over the next week, with parts of the Southeast seeing a few showers. The Cotlook A index for July 18 was down 75 points from the previous day at 72.95 cents/lb. The weekly AWP is 55.81 cents/lb effective through Thursday.

OCT 19 Cotton is at 62.64, up 39 points,

DEC 19 Cotton is at 63.36, up 29 points

MAR 20 Cotton is at 64.13, up 15 points

MAY 20 Cotton is at 65.02, up 5 points

--provided by Brugler Marketing & Management

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